Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our most common questions we get asked with answers.

It gives you the power of quick profits in just a few days or weeks without having to hang onto a stock longer term. Longer term trading generally is suitable for retirement accounts. Those of us seeking income on a monthly basis need more turnover and profits. Day trading is even more short term but your odds of success are much lower. Swing trading is the best of both worlds by allowing a stock to move in a profitable direction in a short amount of time without the large ups and downs of longer term or day trading.
Generally, on average about 2-3 new picks are issued each month as current picks hit their profit target. A lot of our members would say one pick a week is sufficient. Obviously if we are posting new picks more often, that is a good sign that our suggestions are making profits fast!
Even though our stock picks are companies listed on US based exchanges, you can live anywhere in the world and trade our picks. Please confirm with your broker to be sure.
We suggest a minimum of just $500  for funding a trading account. Any less really doesn't allow you to trade enough shares for each pick. Remember, trading -2- or more open picks allows balance and protection in case one of the picks does not perform as expected.
No. We do not have access to your funds or broker account - nor do we manage any trades or money. You are responsible for placing the suggested trades with your broker and then exiting the trade at the suggested price, or anytime you wish. Remember, our trades are suggestions based on a higher probability of success. You are responsible for any losses incurred.
No, but you probably won't lose money if you follow our swing picks. However, as we stated above, there are things that we do not control, such as a reliable internet connection and the interaction between you and your brokers trading platform. We also have no influence on the direction of any stock. You may cancel future monthly membership rebills at anytime but we do not issue refunds for unused time. Your member's area access will expire at the end of your most recent 30 day billing period.
Of course not. Just become a member and follow our picks for a couple of weeks. Once you are confident and sure that we can make you money, then you can start to risk real capital. We don't want anyone to risk real money until they are confident in their ability to make a trade and comfortable with our consistently profitable swing stock tips. IF you decide our picks are not for you, simply cancel your membership.
ALL of our stock picks trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges. We generally choose stocks priced between $8 and $100 with sufficient average daily trading volume for good liquidity. We do not choose penny or OTC stocks. Those are generally too risky.
Absolutely not! Most of our members have little experience with trading stocks. All you need is your own broker account and the understanding of how to place a limit order with your broker. It is that easy. If you need guidance and recommendations setting up a new broker account, we are happy to help with suggested US based brokers.
Without giving away our research secrets, rest assured we only use publicly available information, computer algorithms, and various technical and fundamental indicators to choose our picks. Our team carefully chooses each swing pick - each ready to make an average of a 5-10% move in the next few weeks. Trading at least two of the available picks will return a historical average of 10% by the time they hit the take profit price. Some picks have been known to move up nearly 20%- well past the profit target. Occasionally a pick will not hit the profit target before we decide to issue an updated sell alert, but we still make money. Our picks are all completely legal and ready to make you profits!
The term swing denotes trades that last anywhere from 5 days to a few weeks. We are never in a trade longer than 60 days. You simply exit the trade once our target price is reached or in rare cases the stop loss is reached. You can choose to exit anytime you wish. Obviously we like to get in and lock in our profits as soon as possible.
The members only portfolio consists of  at least - 3 - swing stock trade suggestions at all times. Once a pick reaches its profit target, a new pick is issued to replace it. There is always at least 1-2 picks waiting for you to enter whenever you join. Since the markets are very slow between Christmas day and New Years Day no new picks are added during that period of time.
If you trade the stocks we recommend, then you will make money. However there are variables that are out of our control such as your broker execution, a reliable internet connection and your ability to enter and exit the trade at the suggested prices. Nobody can guarantee minimum returns, if they do, beware.